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On-Page SEO

In this Secret of On-Page SEO, I’m going to show you the essential things to pay attention to. They’ll improve your search traffic, boost your rankings and make off-page SEO a lot easier for you. First of all, you’ve to understand SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I know you’ll be like you know it but this is for those who have no idea of SEO and want to optimize their website. So SEO is used to optimize websites so that they rank on top on Google or other search engines. Also, this method is super-duper free. There’s no advertising cost associated with SEO. Therefore, it is called Organic reach. There are various things that can be done while optimizing a website but sorting it out according to priority.

Site Speed

What is site speed? How do you calculate that? How does it affect your SEO process? Site speed basically means “amount of time your website takes to load “ or you can say “ Loading time of your website” . Now, how do we calculate that? There are various tools available for calculating site speed. Few most important and well known tools are PageSpeed by Google, GT Metrix and Pingdom. Most SEO Specialists use PageSpeed because it is developed by Google and provides accurate data. However, why do we need to test our website speed? Why do we need to calculate site loading time? Google Algorithm clearly focuses on displaying only those websites that provide value to viewers. Websites that take more loading time, Google algorithm demotes the website in search results. Recent studies show that delay of a single second in page response time can affect your conversions negatively by 7%.

Tags in Search Engine Optimization

Are these tags really important in SEO Services? How does it affect SEO? The importance of Meta Title and Description tag has increased significantly over the years.In on-page SEO, the major types of Meta tags that one should pay attention to are the Title tag that defines the title of your webpage. Make sure your title is short, simple and informative. It must include what type of content is shown on your webpage. The ideal length can be considered as 40-60 characters. The meta description is the key part that search engines use to determine what topic you’re writing about and send relevant information to search results. The description should be descriptive but short- don’t use more than 160 characters.You must also be aware to never duplicate title or meta description tags. Duplicate title or meta description tags decreases your ranking while performing search engine optimization.Make sure to select content that drives traffic and grows your business.

Google Panda Algorithm

It was released in Feb 2011. It ought to help Google return high quality results when users type a keyword phrase in search.

  • Avoid low-quality content
  • Avoid thin content
  • Fresh content
  • Trending things
  • Repeated events
  • Update information frequently
  • Interactive content
  • Mention keywords in URL


Conclusion to this is, Search Engine Optimization can organically increase traffic on your website but there are few regulations that have to be taken care of for Google Algorithm to push your website rank upwards. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one day job as the saying goes by “ Rome was not built in a day ”, in the same way Search engine optimization services take time for your website to rank on top.