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Technology made large populations possible, large populations now make technology indispensable.- JOSEPH KRUTCH

The invention of the transistor was a major event in the space of technology. Without it, we would not have been able to enjoy the comfort of binge watching series on our smart tv or the ease of doing work from our laptop.

Technology in some way or the other has impacted all companies and industries. The biggest boon of technology is that it has helped professionals to eliminate most of the unnecessary and repetitive tasks.

One such profession is SALES.

SALES sounds boring and generic, lots of repetitive tasks, facing rejection 99% of the time, a job not a lot of people want to do and yet sales team is the most important segment of the company because they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for generating the revenue of the company. And technology has eased their work in many ways some of those are mentioned below.

1.Ease of getting information

Before the internet era sales rep had no option but to pick up the telephone directory and start calling people who they think might be their potential clients. But now with the help of tools like Linkedin sales navigator they can very specifically target the people who are their potential clients. Apart from getting access to their phone number and email they also have information about their education, professional life, their thoughts about the particular industry, etc which help them to personalize their conversations. All of this saves their time from calling and reaching out to people who are not their potential customers.

2. Ease of integrating sales and marketing.

From a report by Outfunnel companies where sales and marketing work together have seen growth in revenue by 70%. This process is data-backed and has higher chances of leads getting qualified. This was not possible earlier but now with the help of CRM tools they can work together. It is important for these two teams to work together because it helps to build a common brand image, nurture customers and segment customers according to their journey in the buying process.

3. Selling by not selling at all.

Sounds confusing? But the buzzword here is branding. Earlier building a brand was not easy. Radio, tv, newspaper and billboards were the only places that had people's attention. And advertising there was very expensive. But thanks to some genius developers now have something called social media platforms. Even if companies don't have a lot of capital, by investing their time companies can build a strong brand on various platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram which would eventually bring inbound leads for their company. That is how companies can sell without selling at all.

4. Fast follow-ups and least manual work.

Sales is not something which you can do on-call all the time. At some point or other, you or your team member will be dealing with the client in person. This can be at a meeting, exhibition, conference, or some networking event. To make the most out of it you cannot afford to waste time on unnecessary paperwork or lose a client because of late follow-up. Rather you can use Emailopedia to make your work easy. Emailopedia is an online assistant for meetings and sales for your sales team. It eliminates all the paperwork by scanning visiting cards of your clients, tracks sales performance, eliminates data outsourcing costs by creating excel sheets of your data and makes sure you don't delay in following up with clients by sending email to them within 20 seconds after the meeting.